Party trends 2018: Know what’s hot and what’s not!

Party trends 2018

Who doesn’t love partying with friends and having crazy times, good food and dancing their worries off? And in this era dominated by social media, you just can’t help but follow the latest trends to have the newest and best experiences!

Talking specifically about the parties, you’ll be seeing a number of crazy party trends this year just like 2017!

Are you ready to uncover the best ones?

Here you go:

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How to keep your guests entertained at your reception!

Wedding reception

So your wedding reception venue is all set to amaze the guests. You’ve made sure that everything from the location to decor to seating arrangement is the best! But is it going to entertain your guests whole night long? Well, they surely won’t spend the whole night admiring all the arrangements. You need to make sure that all your guests enjoy themselves throughout the event. Here’s all that you arrange for to make your wedding reception fun and memorable.

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The most creative ways to save on your wedding decorations!

Wedding decor feature

Every couple in this whole wide world wishes their wedding to be memorable. They long for perfection and that too for as reasonable a price as they can get! There’s a pressure to choose the best and amaze everyone.

Strange but true!

When it comes to wedding decorations, no matter it’s a typical pomp and show type of a wedding or a sober gathering of the near and dear ones, the entire setup has to look impeccable, isn’t it?

Now, as stated earlier, saving is desired by everyone. Just like food and attire and makeup, the couples can save big on wedding decorations as well. Wondering how?

Well, it can be possible if the couples turn into arts and crafts aficionados!

Here are the best ways to do the same:

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