How to plan a fabulous party on a small budget

Some people just have it inside them. They are the born entertainers and the best hosts.  Everything is on a perfect note, from having the most delicious food, perfect party playlists to amazing decorations. They’ve got it all.

Although, the extravagance of a party is interrelated to the budget. A super successful party absolutely doesn’t have to break the bank. That being said, here are some ways on how to plan a fabulous party with a small budget.  Continue reading “How to plan a fabulous party on a small budget”

Party trends 2018: Know what’s hot and what’s not!

Party trends 2018

Who doesn’t love partying with friends and having crazy times, good food and dancing their worries off? And in this era dominated by social media, you just can’t help but follow the latest trends to have the newest and best experiences!

Talking specifically about the parties, you’ll be seeing a number of crazy party trends this year just like 2017!

Are you ready to uncover the best ones?

Here you go:

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Quick and easy Thanksgiving dessert ideas that’ll save your day!

Thanksgiving desserts

Thanksgiving has been celebrated with great joy ever since it started off as a harvest festival in the year 1789, in the United States. It is merrily celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November every year. It began as a day where people took the opportunity of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. The residents of US have strived hard to keep its essence alive thereafter.

Since it is an important festival, it’s imperative that people pay special attention to the preparations. Everything from venue to food to drinks is taken special care of. So, it’s obvious for the hosts to get carried away with the initial preparations. So, stressed that there’s hardly any time left for the dessert preparation!

If that happens to you this Thanksgiving, here are some of the best dessert ideas to save your day.

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