How to plan a fabulous party on a small budget

Some people just have it inside them. They are the born entertainers and the best hosts.  Everything is on a perfect note, from having the most delicious food, perfect party playlists to amazing decorations. They’ve got it all.

Although, the extravagance of a party is interrelated to the budget. A super successful party absolutely doesn’t have to break the bank. That being said, here are some ways on how to plan a fabulous party with a small budget. 

Keep an eye on the Guest List and Invitations Simple

Whether it’s a dinner party or a grand holiday, always watch the guests list and not just to keep the headcount in check. “Make sure you have the right mix of visitors,” says Meg Stepanak of Gemini Event Planning. Unless its a wedding or a big event, your party doesn’t need paper invitations. Instead, opt for email invites as they’re free and easy to send.

Get Creative with Decor

   While you may love spending money on fancy decor, some of the stuff you have sitting around your house could be perfect for your party, and it won’t cost you a dime. I have always found this to be incredibly true, and when hosting an evening party I prefer to keep the lighting low and opt for well-placed lamps and candles in order to set the mood.

Prioritize the Eatables

People eat healthy food together, home party. Friends dinner table top view.

This is another personal tip I would like to suggest. Instead of adding full entrees to the menu, try offering a smattering of appetizer-sized edibles – you’ll save major dough on your food budget. So don’t stress about something — especially if it was going to cost you more money anyway. If you’re really strapped for cash, consider making your party a potluck dinner.

Save on Alcohol

Alcohol can be one of the worst budget-busters when it comes to throwing a party, especially if you need to buy a variety of alcohol. The same Cosmo piece also recommended planning to have a signature drink or cocktail, so you only have to worry about one type of alcohol. Plus, a signature drink sets the festive mood and with a theme altogether super well.

Use Smart Phone Music Apps

Play the role of DJ by loading your smartphone with the latest music apps. They allow you to create your own “radio stations” tailored by mood or similar artists. Recommending to start out the party with oldies or more of traditional hits, and getting geared up with more modern and energized playlist as the evening goes on.

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