Planning to rent your wedding dress? Here’s all that you need to know

Suppose, you’ve decided what you’re going to wear on the most important day of your life. The dress is a sure stunner and is sure to make you look drop-dead gorgeous on your D-day!


It’s too costly!

So what do you do now?

The best solution is to rent it! Not only the cost, there are a couple other reasons for renting your wedding attire. Some of them are:

i) The fact that you’ll most probably be wearing that gorgeous dress only once.

ii) It’s a headache to maintain it’s elegance for years.

Whatever the reason be, you can easily opt for wedding dress rentals and make the most out of them. However, there are certain rules that you need to follow so that renting your wedding dress itself doesn’t turn out to be a headache for you.

Start your search 8-10 months prior the big day:

You need to start your research well in advance. 8-10 months prior to your wedding is the best time to begin the search. That’s necessary to eliminate the disappointment that you may have to face due to the unavailability of your desired dress just because someone else scooped it!

Conduct a thorough research:

You have two options to do this:

i) You can ask for suggestions from people who can help you with the same. She may be your best friend who just got married or your cousin who has already booked her wedding dress!

ii) Search wedding dress rentals online. You’ll find a lot of them. Make sure that you research them heavily. Go through the customer reviews and ratings, scan the comments properly and thereafter shortlists the best ones.

Go through the wedding dress shops’ contracts thoroughly:

Every wedding dress rental has its own rules and regulations that are drafted into a contract. You are bound to follow them once you have bought a dress from them. So, make sure you go through every minute detail and understand the contract so that you do not get any last minute surprises.

Rent your dress for extra time:

When it’s about the most important day of your life, you shouldn’t be unsure about anything! So, it’s better to prepare well in advance. If you rent your dress for an exact amount of time such that you receive your dress a day before your wedding, you may not be able to make any amendments if the dress has some major flaw. All of this would only create a hassle! So make sure that you leave enough time in case there are issues.

Keep a backup:

You never know, anything may go wrong. No matter how perfect all your plans are, there’s always a probability of things not turning out our way.
So? What to do?

Well, The best thing you can do is, be prepared for everything that comes your way. So, consider keeping your options open. You may order a distinct style or size or simply order two similar gowns so as to be sure that nothing goes wrong!

Stay in touch with the wedding dress rental:

Just eliminate any possibilities of things going wrong by keeping in touch with the store you’ve chosen to dress you up for your big day. Give the shop a call two to three months in advance so as to see if the things are going well. In case, you feel they’ve made raised the prices of your wedding attire or added a new rule that doesn’t suit you, you still have plenty of time to look for something else and save your D-day!

Keep all these tips in mind and watch everything go smoothly!

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