Top myths related to the wedding planners- DEBUNKED!

Wedding planning

We’ve all grown up dreaming about the perfect wedding where we would be glammed up in our dream wedding attire, accentuated with the most astonishing jewels and everything from food to decoration to entertainment would be exceptional. But is it that easy to get the things done just the way we’ve always wanted? It may not really be possible if we try to do all that on our own. However, there’s someone who can get the job done for you exactly the way you want.

Guess who?

Yes! A wedding planner!

Never considered hiring one for your wedding? If not, it’s probably due to the most common myths related to wedding planners that you’re convinced about! Let’s debunk the most common myths today:

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Top wedding invitation mistakes you strictly need to avoid!

Wedding invitation

Who doesn’t want their D-day to be a perfect one? Wedding planning starts with an “Everything needs to be perfect” mindset. But is it that easy?


Well, perfection is something that we long for! However, the reality is- couples often mess up in the very first step of wedding planning i.e. wedding invitations.

Here’s all that goes wrong and that you need to avoid while working on the wedding invitation part:

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All you need to acquire that snow-white smile on your D-day!

Bridal smile

Firstly let’s make it clear: Why whitened teeth?

It’s a no-brainer that your D-day is the most special event of your life. You’ll be in your dream attire and accentuated with the best kind of accessories. You’ll be scanned by everyone present at the event. You’ll have the photographers and videographers around you, the entire day. Quite obvious, right? Continue reading “All you need to acquire that snow-white smile on your D-day!”

That’s how you choose the perfect catering service for your wedding!

Catering service

Wedding for some is a glitzy occasion and for others, it’s an intimate affair. Either ways, a lot is at stake at such a prestigious event and food is an inevitable element. What you choose to feed your guests with, needs to be exceptional and soul-satisfying as they’ll be having it’s memory for the rest of their lives. Now, when it comes to deciding the menu and the caterers for the special occasion, there’s a lot riding on the decision of which caterer to choose. Here are the most useful tips that’ll help you pick the perfect one for your catering requirements:

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Let’s fix your wedding planning stress in a jiffy!


The only thought that you are going to get married soon is enough to give you an adrenaline rush, every now and then! Adding up to this there is this overwhelming emotion when you just can’t decide what to choose and what not to! Wedding preparations are exciting and exhausting at the same time. One’s brain literally gets frazzled from all the efforts involved in making the big day impeccable! This calls in for a de-stressing session as nobody wants to look like a zombie on his/her D-day! Here are the best tips to have a soul satisfying experience!

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Top 7 destination wedding tips

Destination weddings are in vogue! Think of a breathtaking destination where you’ve always dreamt of your wedding taking place. How cool is the idea of making that dream come true? What can be more beautiful than entering into a nuptial bond in a dreamy destination wedding! However, planning a destination wedding is not that easy unless you go through these effective tips:

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